The Dinosaur Who Could Not Go To Sleep

Jonty The Dinosaur has been selected to be showcased at the Digital Children’s Book Fair at Aoyama Gakuin University in Japan on August 29th/30th

Jonty – The Dinosaur Who Could Not Go to Sleep is a bedtime story for children learning to read. Beautifully illustrated, the story stars Jonty, a young dinosaur who has trouble getting to sleep when he goes to bed.

Jonty – The Dinosaur Who Could Not Go to Sleep is available as an interactive storybook app on the App Store℠ and also as an ebook on the Kindle Store and the iBookstore℠.

The app version of Jonty – The Dinosaur Who Could Not Go to Sleep is currently available at a reduced price of £1.49/$1.99 for a limited time


  • You and your child can interact with the story to help Jonty get a good night’s sleep.
  • Each scene is accompanied by music and narration so that children can hear as well as read the words.
  • The app boasts a number of different modes meaning that children can enjoy the story in the way which suits them best.
  • “Add To Story” mode allows your child to add animated visual elements to each scene and record their own audio. They can even sing the story if that’s what pleases them!
  • Available on the App Store.


  • Beautiful illustrations bring the tale of Jonty and his adventures to life.
  • Specially selected main text font which has letter forms appropriate for beginner readers.
  • Available on the iBookstore and on Amazon.